A relationship driven view of risk

Our approach is consultative, liaising with front line operational staff, middle and senior management to truly understand the business and its operations. No two businesses are exactly the same but our commitment to developing relationships remains constant.

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assessing risk


A thorough walk around of the site, engagement with front-line staff and management are key to gaining insight and a wide-angle view of the operation. We identify potential exposures and make the necessary recommendations to all stakeholders to improve business processes.

Building relationships

Mitigate & Communicate

Mitigating potential exposures not only provides comfort to underwriters regarding the acceptability of a risk but can help to prevent catastrophic interruption to a business, protecting its reputation. We address the root cause of risks, mitigate them with effective risk management strategies, and implement improved standards.

Harnessing Technology

Report & Monitor

We provide insurer partners with a real-life 360 degree view on each risk by providing HD camera footage, utilising the latest technology including drone deployment to allow them to make more informed underwriting decisions. Our on-site findings are compiled in a detailed risk report. Effective risk management is a continual process, this is why our risk surveyors are available for mid-term site visits to monitor the effectiveness of the risk requirements identified at the point of survey.

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