Nat Cat Surveys

We help underwriters understand their exposures to natural catastrophes using a range of different data sets.

Natural Hazard Exposures

Securus has access to a broad range of platforms including: Swiss Re CatNet, LexisNexis, FM Global, and local flood maps. We provide detailed analysis on flash flood zones, wildfire zones, areas susceptible to hurricanes, earthquakes, high winds, lightning strikes, landslides, burglary or arson. A section on Nat Cats is included within standard survey reports with options for more detailed Nat Cat specific surveys on a portfolio or per risk basis.


See what our clients are saying

Richard Grainge

Corporate Director - Centor Insurance & Risk Management Ltd

“I was incredibly impressed by the knowledge and expertise of Lee from Securus, his approachable manner and consultative way in which he raised risk improvements with the client was incredibly refreshing. This was a very different approach to previous surveyors I have met who tend to take a hard-line approach."

Dessie Smith

BBI Ireland

“Following a recent insurance survey site visit. It was refreshing to see a surveying company undertake their duties in a professional and transparent manner. Our client was pleased with the approach undertaken by the attending surveyor and the continued support Securus are providing them post survey.”

Richard Grainge

Corporate Director - Centor Insurance & Risk Management Ltd

"I have attended numerous surveys over the years and this was up there with the best, the client even commented that “They were a breath of fresh air”. I cannot recommend them highly enough for any client”

Kevin Wade Cert CII

Associate Director - Wrightsure Services Ltd

“Having sat through many insurer surveys over the years, I can honestly say that Securus Risk Advisors attention to detail is second to none. A waste specialist surveyor that can connect with clients and has valuable insight in the sector. Securus work with the client to satisfy the insurers but always managing the client costs and expectations. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”