Say hello to Bridget, Securus' new Rural Consultant


Bridget Slade joins Securus as a Rural Consultant. Leading the surveying of farms, rural estates and other agricultural businesses, Bridget spent several years working for NPS, across various local authority portfolios and was more recently a Rural Consultant with Crawford Building Consultancy.

Providing her expert rural advice on a range of complex agricultural topics, Bridget can cover it all in a day's work; from building reinstatement for the insurance industry to woodland management consultancy for private clients.

As an early riser at the heart of family life, Bridget starts her day by caring for her young child, in addition to tending to her dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and a guinea pig. She does all of this before she even gets a chance to pour herself a cup of tea.

“I really love the variety of my workload; it may be a cliché, but no two days are the same. I also enjoy the ability to get things done and close cases.”

Always enjoying the complexities of her work, Bridget relishes the challenges of her role. As her day to day workload can vary considerably, Bridget follows the chaos of the early morning routine with a quick check of her appointments and emails, before prioritising her workload for the day.

Feeling more productive with visual aids, each day, Bridget creates a to-do list under the heading ‘Today I will…’. Thriving on the satisfaction of crossing things off her list, taking breaks is an essential part of the day for Bridget - her first often coming around 11 am with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a dark chocolate digestive.

In addition to her work as a Rural Consultant, Bridget’s role as the Detachment Commander for Norfolk’s Army Cadet Force means she is also often coordinating lessons and putting together plans for their weekly, Tuesday evening sessions.