Securus Stateside Adventures


Taking in lots of locations in no time at all, Risk Control Advisor David Loomes recently undertook his very own American Adventure.

As risk specialists in Waste and Recycling, Securus strives to identify specific risk exposures that could be missed by the non-specialist, standard surveyors often deployed by our peers.

With expertise across a broad range of Waste and Recycling operations, Securus' minimum standard commitment is to undertake surveys within 30 days of the survey request. In addition to this, risk reports are issued within seven days of the survey date.

Speaking of surveys, during his time in the United States, David carried out an impressive 16 surveys in just ten days of travel. He kicked off his American conquest in the City of Angels itself, Los Angeles, California before venturing to San Francisco.

Journeying up the West Coast, the next stop was Portland, Oregon, before hitting cities in Utah, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana. Criss-crossing the Midwest, a road trip to Kansas City, Missouri was next on the agenda before David headed to Boston, Massachusetts on his penultimate city and state.

Wrapping up his American extravaganza in New York, David crossed multiple time zones and countless state boundaries as part of the Securus mission to help all underwriters make better-informed decisions. Providing a unique service, Securus aims to help US Waste Operators secure the tailored cover they need to meet their unique requirements.