Waste and Recycling 2022


Since day one, our passion has been raising standards in the industry. By using the latest video and imaging technology, we provide our underwriting partners with a real-life view of the insured. Providing specialist risk management to the global insurance market, our reports access a range of exposures, delivering significant insight, which enables underwriters to make more informed decisions.

In 2022, we continued to drive development within the business - being specifically true of our Waste and Recycling product. In the first full year of international surveying, 2022 saw fewer travel restrictions. As a result, we were able to take five trips to the United States and four trips to Australia, surveying a diverse range of complex sites along the way.

Extending reach into the UK and EU markets, 2022 growth has remained consistent which has meant reduced reliability on outsourcing. Speaking at conferences throughout the year, we worked hard to raise awareness of the dangers and difficulties within the sector. This included discussions with environmental agencies and starting essential conversations around the fire risk of lithium-ion batteries.

Attending the Waste Expo in May 2022 helped to raise further awareness of these matters within the US market. The five-day event witnessed cross-promotion with Rokstone, exhibiting for three days, as Securus networked with fire prevention companies from across the US and enjoyed two days of broker networking.

Into 2023, we will maintain our presence in both UK and Australian markets. Further assisting Rokstone with portfolio growth in the US will enable increased capacity in Waste and Recycling. With a proactive approach to the risk management process, we will continue to develop and build relationships with all parties involved.

By establishing these very partnerships between ourselves, clients and insurers, the Securus future remains focused on our long-term commitment promise. We are looking forward to what 2023 will hold.